Warum Navigationsreparatur?

As a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced navigation technologies to the automotive industry, DENSO offers a cost-effective, high quality repair service for DENSO in-car navigation systems fitted as original equipment.

DENSO Navigation Repair, part of the Remanufacturing and Repair department, is located in Weesp, near Amsterdam, close to DENSO Europe B.V.’s headquarters. Our team has many years of experience in electronics repair.

With over a million DENSO navigation units in operation across Europe, the repair team provides an invaluable service to dealerships servicing and repairing vehicles fitted with DENSO navigation systems within Europe. 

Repair compare to exchange unit
Examples of problems that might affect navigation systems include defective and worn out DVD drives and broken or defective touch panels. In the past, the only option for dealers was to offer customers an exchange unit. Now DENSO’s Navigation Repair service offers a twofold advantage: a lower cost solution for out of warranty car owners; and the chance for dealerships to provide an added value service to customers.

The cost advantages of repairing instead of exchanging can be significant.

Outstanding service
DENSO’s Navigation Repair process is both reliable and fast. We have built up a stable and confidential shipping and service procedure that enables us to reach every country inside EU, within a short lead time.

Each brand has a fixed rate price list. After the broken or damaged navigation unit arrives in Weesp, it is analysed and a firm quotation sent. We repair the unit using original components - only replacing parts that need to be replaced, to minimise the cost of the repair - and then undertake an performance test at three different temperatures (-30, ambient and +60ºC) using specialised test equipment.

Why choose DENSO Navigation Repair?

It is vital that products based on electronic components such as navigation systems are only repaired by specialists, on model-specific, specially designed test-benches, under controlled working conditions. These are the standards met by DENSO Navigation Repair - the official repair department for DENSO navigation units in Europe. Our in-depth knowledge of navigation system design enables us to undertake this highly specialized job reliably and cost-effectively.  We ensure that repairs and testing are carried out to exacting original specifications – guaranteeing that all navigation products leaving the DENSO Repair Centre are comparable to new original equipment parts.

Using DENSO’s specialist Navigation Repair service gives you the best of all worlds – a money-saving, fast repair by the original manufacturer, delivered at the optimum quality and at a cost you can rely on.